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Seeking consistency

A week ago when I wrote about the Runner's World Festival, I was closing off a horrible week of running. I was sick earlier in the week; my wife was sick in the second half of the week. No running was getting done; very little work was getting done. Kids were running around the house in full control. 

That, though, came after a few great weeks of running and a pretty good second half of July with running and life. This week has been an attempt to forget about last week and pick up where I left off with those few good weeks. A bad few days has been my kryptonite for the past few weeks. Whenever I'm about to turn a corner, SOMETHING happens and everything unravels.

Whether it's an illness or a few bad days of eating or a missed run from sleeping in, I've let the little things ruin good moments. That hasn't happened this week, though. I was tired this morning, but still ran a little later than usual. I'm actually looking forward to my long run in the morning -- I haven't been able to say that since late winter. I haven't been able to say it consistently, though, for way too long. 

My goal over the next two months ahead of the Runner's World Festival is to get the consistency back that I know that I can do. I want a good, solid training cycle and then not lose my passion and energy right after it's over.