living in the now

Still rambling about running. Sometimes other things.

If I took notes ...

Somewhere along the way in the past month, I got back to thinking more during my runs. Those thoughts haven't make it to a blog, obviously, but any time is a perfect time to get in a post for the month.  

Here are some thoughts I've had in the past few weeks. Some random, some serious, some that really make no sense: 

  • I DO want to run a marathon again. This year certainly isn't the year for that. At this point in my life it's becoming a "run a marathon again before I'm 40" type of goal.
  • I ran 10 miles on Saturday, ending a streak of 5 months without a double digit run. If I took that break now, it would be February before I hit that distance again. 
  • A few days ago was halfway through the Shamrock year. In 6 months, I should be going for a PR in my favorite event and my favorite distance. I have a lot of work to do to get into PR shape for a half, but I'm ready to go for it. 
  • I've lost 7 pounds since early July. About 7 more to go to get back to my original weight loss from 14 years ago. While I was running last week I thought a lot about that ... and thinking about what I used to think about when I first started running. I need to get back to some of those thoughts, whatever they were. 
  • I got involved in an interesting discussion on a Runner's World post about headphones. I love listening to music when I run, but I know I don't "need" them. I've never raced with them. The day after that post, I left my music behind and enjoyed a trail run. Everyone should ditch the headphones every once in a while. 
  • I'm joining a basketball league with my church team later this fall. That has to help with speedwork, right? 
  • I have a goal of running 1,000 miles this year. I'm on much better track this month to surpass what I would need to average for 12 months, but I know I'm off pace. I don't know how much though. On nearly every run lately, I've wondered how important is that goal? 
  • Which led me to the thought of whether I should set calendar year goals. They've worked before, but this is one of those years where my running goals and other life goals have kind of fallen apart for a variety of reasons. I'm due for a lot of reflecting and developing my own strategy for things in the next few months.