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When to say 'I'm back'


As I slowly mark off milestones, I wonder when it's appropriate to say "I'm back."

Is it a mileage milestone? Or finally doing a race again? Or setting a certain time in a race? Or when I finish all of my goals to finish a marathon? 

Or is it a day like to today, where I was running for a second straight day for the first time in two months and I fell on a trail at Rockwood Park?


As I posted on Instagram above, I think falling on a trail does give me that right to say "I'm back." I now have pains not related to my previous injury, and that surprisingly feels good. Also not getting seriously injured on a fall is another place. 

I'm not done saying "I'm back" though ... hitting certain mileage milestone and certain races and certain speeds will also be "I'm back" moments.

I'm only just beginning.