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Make a Pledge to Myself: Farewell, chips

If you missed the first entry about what this is all about, click here

OMG... I love potato chips. I could sit down and eat an entire large bag of just about any flavor if no one was watching. 

Two years ago I gave up potato chips for several months; it wasn't until the summer that I gave in. And just like any addict, I gave in big time.  

I don't actually eat too many chips now that summer is over, but when I buy them -- and it's soooo easy to get them cheap -- I just eat and eat and eat them.  

When I buy a small bag at work, they're gone in no time. Add in some kind of dip and that's just heaven. 

So starting tonight, chips are DONE for at least until after the Blue Ridge Marathon. My one exception is tortilla chips when we have Mexican night at our house. We often whip up a delicious guacamole dip, which isn't so bad for me, so I'll allow myself chips then.