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Make a Pledge to Myself: Track my miles

When I look back at my 12 years or so of running, I have realized that my best moments came when I carefully tracked my miles and planned out my training at the start of every week.

In the past couple of years, I've really struggled with this. I run, take my watch off and think to myself that I'll write those miles down later.  


This year I've often gone 2-3 weeks at a time without writing down my mileage. Then when I try to play catch up, it all feels so meaningless.

So as training for the Blue Ridge Marathon begins in earnest, I'm making this pledge to myself now to start tracking my mileage better.  

That means writing down my miles the same day I run or bike. That also means tracking my shoe mileage better too, so I make sure I'm getting good miles out of my many pairs of Altras.  

That also means to write down my other workouts to better track my progress.

Of all the pledges I'm making, this one really is about getting back to the very basics of what works for me and will lead to setting my goals for 2017.