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Make a Pledge to Myself: Take an inventory

I have shoes all over the place. At my front door; on my back porch; under my bed; in my closet; and probably many other places. 

My fall/winter running clothes were taken out of a box, but I don't know where my pants are. 

I have socks and underwear that are worn out, but keep getting worn. 

You see, when my running things get out of order, nothing in my life feels like it's in order. And that's not just about the physical side of running. 

It is time for me to take an inventory of all my stuff and get it organized. Every run shouldn't feel like a chore to just fine a few pieces of clothing to get out of the door; I shouldn't have to wonder if my watch is charged up enough to last 3 miles; I should know what shoes are next in my rotation. 

So for this pledge, I'm giving myself a deadline of taking an inventory, throwing out a few things and getting my running gear organized by Election Day.