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Make a Pledge to Myself: Make a training 'plan'

Last year's "Make a Pledge" week was mostly a failure because I was too vague and much of what I put out there had no long-term impact on my running. 

When I did this two years ago, I lost weight and got in better shape, but didn't stick with a lot of stuff because I had a horrible stretch of races. 

This year has taken on a "theme" though of getting back to basics. Not eating chips and eating an apple once a day will only lead to healthy choices. Tracking my miles regularly and taking an inventory of my running gear will help my mental struggles with running and help me set reasonable goals. 

And for my fifth and final "pledge" this year, I took an extra couple of days to think about what's important to me over the next few months and what I want "Make a Pledge" week to look like a year from now. 

I want to be a better runner and in better overall health; I don't want to repeat items; I want to be able to look back at this year and have success rate better than 20 percent.

I keep coming back to what my big goal is right now -- running the Blue Ridge Marathon in Roanoke in April -- and crossing off 26 other goals on my big list. 

The last good stretch of races and runs I had came at a time in which I made a loosely written training plan. For those who know me well, I do not like setting up a precise 18-20 week training plan for a marathon.

I do, however, like to set up a plan that has my long runs on it and a mileage goal range for several weeks at a time. I then adjust and move things around as necessary at the start of every week. 

So today I make a pledge to myself that in a few weeks that I flip my switch to be "officially" training for the Blue Ridge Marathon. And with that pledge, a flexible training calendar will be in place. 

Disclaimer: I am receiving a free race entry to the Blue Ridge Marathon as an "official blogger" for the race. Visit for more information about the race in Roanoke, Virginia, and use code BRMFRIENDS to get 15% off.