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1 run, 2 goals crossed off

Last week I had one of those moments after a run in which I finally felt like I was making progress.

I was thrilled to knock off two goals on my list of 26: running 3 miles at an overall pace under 10 minutes a mile AND a progressive run. 

I did this in a somewhat controlled environment on the treadmill, but it was executed well.

It was, however, also a reminder of how far I have to go before I'm satisfied with running again.

I'd really like to have all the miles under 10 minutes a mile, not just the pace, and I'd like to be able to close off a progressive run about 30-45 seconds faster than where I am right now.

But I'll take it and keep marching forward ...

  1. DONE - OCT. 23: Run 3 miles non stop
  2. DONE - NOV. 3: Run 3 miles at a pace under 10 minutes a mile
  3. DONE - OCT. 30Run 4 miles nonstop
  4. Run for an hour nonstop
  5. Run a 5k race under an 8-minute mile pace
  6. Run a 10k at under an 8-minute mile pace
  7. Run a half marathon
  8. Run hill repeats
  9. DONE - OCT 8Run in the rain again
  10. Run on a trail that's new to me (or one I haven't run in a year+)
  11. Sign up/run in a race that's new to me
  12. Do a track workout
  13. DONE - NOV. 3: Do a progressive run
  14. Ride my bike 100 miles in a month
  15. Go a month without potato chips 
  16. Eat a salad every day at work for 2 straight weeks
  17. Lose 5 pounds
  18. Lose 10 pounds
  19. Lose 15 pounds
  20. Lift weights twice a week for 4 straight weeks
  21. Hold a plank for 2 minutes straight
  22. Hold a plank for 3 minutes
  23. Do 25 consecutive push-ups
  24. Do 50 consecutive push-ups
  25. Blog about my progress at least once a week for 4 straight weeks
  26. Run a marathon