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Day 1: Blue Ridge Marathon training begins

Aside from running at a different time, today's run was really no different than any other run in the past month. It was, however, different mentally. 

Today I flipped than mental switch to something I haven't done in forever: training for a marathon. 

Or, rather, I should simplify it and just say "training." I haven't been in that mind frame since August. 

The Blue Ridge Marathon is 20 weeks aways and while I really don't want an extremely long training cycle, I NEED today be Day 1 so that I really start over and really focus on the goals and pledges I've made in the past couple of months. 

So here's to a crazy next few months that I really hope I document better than anything else I've done in the past few years ... 

Disclaimer: I am receiving a free race entry to the Blue Ridge Marathon as an "official blogger" for the race. Visit for more information about the race in Roanoke, Virginia, and use code BRMFRIENDS to get 15% off.