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#36daysofsomething: Days 2 and 3 ... and some admissions

I can't even being to explain how bad these past couple of months have been with running and my overall fitness. While dealing with plantar fasciitis issues are to blame on the lack of running, there is no excuse for gaining about 10 pounds and not really doing much else besides push-ups and walking. 

As I set out to run every day from one holiday to the next, just logging a mile or 2 every day in the first week is a HUGE success right now. It really shouldn't be that way, but I now welcome this challenge of a streak and doing 36 of something else every day, along with training for a marathon this summer and fall. 

It FEELS like a challenge now. For a while, I was missing that feeling and running was getting pretty dull for me for some reason. I got a spark back in October after the Runner's World Half, but getting sidelined earlier this spring just made me bitter and really wanting to avoid anything and everything about running. 

And as I promised in Day 1 of my #36daysofsomething goal, here's a report of what I've done the past two days.

  • Day 2: 1 mile run; 36 jumping jacks; 36 squats
  • Day 3: 1.2 mile run; during the run at the nearby park -- 36 push-ups; 36 seconds of balancing on each leg (photo below); 36 seconds of walking on a balance thing at the park; and 36 calf raises
Great for balancing ... something I definitely need to do more of. 

Great for balancing ... something I definitely need to do more of.