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#36daysofsomething: Catching up

At the end if the first week of my #36daysofsomething of streak I was faced with my first challenge -- a work trip that spanned over four days.

I'm happy to report that I successfully got up every morning on this trip and worked out. This included my first running on a treadmill more than a year and my first weights workout in quite a while.

Here's how things have gone:

  • Day 6, Saturday - 3 miles running, 36 seconds balancing on each leg, 36 Wall push ups
  • Day 7 Sunday (traveling day) - 1 mile, 36 jumping jacks, 36 seconds balancing on each leg, 36 wall push ups
  • Day 8 Monday - 1 mile on treadmill, 3 sets times 12 of shoulder and chest with weights, 1 mile speedwork on treadmill
  • Day 9 Tuesday - 1.7 miles near my hotel in very hot Alabama, 36 seconds of planking, 36 crunches
  • Day 10 Wednesday (traveling day) - 1 mile, 3 sets of 12 for lat pull down and leg press

Hitting some weights while traveling and for my #36daysofsomething.

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