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For this post to make any sense, you'll have to read my previous post first ... 

Maybe a track workout is in my future... 

I clearly remember the last time I was injured enough to feel like I was "starting over."

It was nearly 6 years ago and came at a time that things were feeling monotonous and somewhat boring. I also was very guilty of "just running" and not taking care of my body in many ways. Getting injured was more my fault of not paying attention to my body more than it was an overuse issue. 

When I started a recovery process after finally admitted I was injured, I wasn't frustrated -- I was determined

After a well balanced approach of cross training, eating better and a refocused approach, I came back a few months later better than ever before. 

All of my regular racing PRs came within 2 years of that comeback and, to this day, are still my PRs.  

Through the course of having a second child, a couple of new jobs and another move, I believe that I forced my way through a lot of runs in the past few years. I would occasionally train well enough to walk away from a race feeling motivated to do more, but that feeling would last for only a short time. 

This past March at Shamrock, I came away with the thoughts of finally wanting to do a marathon, but I was also injured. I've had brief moments of being motivated for a fall marathon, but for whatever reason training for one hasn't felt right all summer.

I now know that I didn't treat that injury properly in the spring. Not being able to get my head back into running never helped. 

The past few months have been full of a bunch of runs I mostly didn't like. I enjoyed my longer runs, but being pleased with a run once a week is no way to train. I never felt 100% and my confidence was shot. 

In my most recent post -- my first in more than two months -- I hinted that being injured was a blessing in disguise. I haven't even thought of a comeback plan yet, but I already know that whatever I do will be better than anything I've done in the past 2-3 years.  

I need a reset with so many things and it's taken being completely shut down to FINALLY realize this.  

Now I just have to start coming up with that plan ...