living in the now

Still rambling about running. Sometimes other things.


A day after a great bike ride at the gym, I woke up in tremendous pain in my right foot last week. Like, can't-put-pressure-on-it pain. I-just-want-to-cry-about-it pain. 

It was AWFUL. On a scale of 1 to 10, it went over the scale. 

Long story short ... I don't know what I did. I've had two negative x-rays and got a walking boot after a second visit to the doctor. I was only at a point in which I was ready to start running after my heel had bothered me for a little while ... after the other side of my body had bothered me on and off for a year. 

Biking was going great, lifting weights was great and I was at a point that I was comfortable to try and run again. 

But everything except weights is on HOLD. 

With all these various starting over points in the past year, this was is more real than any of the others. I can't run. I can't bike. I can only wait to figure out what's going on. 

The good news is, the pain is much less than before. I'm still dealing with some swelling in my foot, but it's nothing like before. I have another doctor visit soon and hope to move forward after that ...