A quiet DNS

The nation's capital was abuzz with something other than politics and angry Redskins fans today ... 

This weekend I was supposed to run the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in D.C., which was actually a deferral from the RnR Virginia Beach Half after threatening weather (and a race I wasn't going to run anyway because I was injured) in September. 

It was going to be a major shift in my first quarter of running by doing this event instead of the Shamrock Half Marathon. 

Getting sick, though, with sinus and upper respiratory issues sidelined those plans, and I'm now questioning what I should do in April for Blue Ridge. Right now I don't feel like running beyond 3 or so miles at a time. My body was forced into reset mode just as I started getting to higher mileage, and I'm just now really accepting that from a mental standpoint.  

As another DNS quietly comes and goes, making it 356 days since I last raced. I think it's easy to say this is the rock bottom point in my running career. Six months or so ago was what I thought was the worst ... but this FEELS like the worst. 

I am, however, on track with my very basic monthly goals (except blogging, but that's fixable), which is all I want right now. I want to get through a few weeks of the basics and then move forward ... again.