Progress = publishing more random thoughts

Next month marks a pretty cool milestone -- 10 years as a blogger.

I started writing as a way to track my progress for my first ever marathon. It was really just an extension of what I've done my whole life anyway -- writing a journal of sorts, only this time making it public. 

Just after my first marathon - the Richmond Marathon - in 2007.

Just after my first marathon - the Richmond Marathon - in 2007.

I doubt I'll do much to rehash 10 years of blogging in the next few weeks. I've gone through many versions of my running blog (four different landing spots), and of course now write only a fraction of the amount I used to. 

I have been thinking, though, of what I can do to recapture some of my purpose of why I started writing in the first place. What can I do to recapture the magic of my days of constant PRs and other moments of happiness in the past decade? 

There are certain races I need to do again; there are certain colors of shoes and running attire I should wear again (superstitions did carry me for a while); and there are certain people I need to develop better relationships again. 

I don't have the answers to what any of those things really mean right now, but part of just writing this down and pushing the publish button is just a small part of what worked so well for me for so long.

Have a thought. Write it down. Blog about it. 

I call those things PROGRESS.