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When FREE isn't always better

I am grateful for the many opportunities that running has presented to me over the years, especially as a blogger and through my #RunChat connections. One of the biggest honors has been being invited to races and to try out new products. 

Being an ambassador and doing things for FREE sound so awesome, and for the most part they are. I've met a lot of great people who will be great friends for life and I absolutely love a lot of products that I use every day.

... But races? For whatever reason, I haven't been motivated to set goals to improve myself while training for those events that didn't cost me very much. 

I'm not saying that I won't take these opportunities again as they pop up, but for now I am DONE doing races without an entry fee. Now that I'm more than a year removed from my last race, I need the motivation of paying for an entry fee for a "big" race, and paying for races that'll bring back my competitive spirit so I become a better runner. 

And that starts today, as I put my sights once again on the Richmond Marathon ...