What my March goals really mean

A few weeks ago, I set some March goals that seemed easy enough to just get through the month after a lot of struggles in February. 

Those goals, though, have turned into having so much more meaning than I ever thought possible. 

With a week to go in the month, here's how their meanings have transpired: 

1. "Run half the days of the month" really meant getting consistency back. It also meant to stop caring about pace or distance. JUST RUN at least a couple of miles on those runs. The overall better fitness, longer distances and faster paces will come eventually. Just shut up and run without any more excuses. 

2. "Post a daily running-related photo to Instagram" meant to look around more not just on my runs, but to explore my old photos and other things sitting around my house. This goal has forced me to think more about the things that have made me happy, and bring up some memories that I had voided in my mind for a while.

3. "Blog at least 6 times" meant doing one of my favorite things about running -- writing and talking more about it. This is my seventh post of the month; I haven't blogged more than that in a month since October. And I'm not forcing these posts. I'm opening up my computer, putting on music and typing. I don't know if this will continue or not, but I know it's helped me tremendously on my runs thinking about what to write next.