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Power of 3: 3 goals for 3 months

I have an endless amount of things on my mind now that I've signed up for the Richmond Marathon.  

Some of those things include how I tried to rush training for an April marathon, but completely failed; how I pushed through an illness when I shouldn't have; and how I need to lose weight ... but all those things are negative. I need more constructive ways to talk about those without putting myself down. 

Instead, I'm looking at the big picture for the first time in a while. If I'm going to be successful for the rest of 2017, I need to take a few steps to outline some general goals. 

What's below is not something I'm setting in stone. The only month that I'll go into more detail soon is April, and even that may change over the next few days.  

Keep in mind these are broad and not specific, and that there are many other pieces to this path that may not even make it to the blog.  

Here's where my mind is now... 

April: More miles than March. Long run back to an hour. At least one week of 20 miles.  

May: long run back to 10 miles. All weeks at 20 or more miles. At least two cross training exercises a week.   

June: At least two weeks of 25 miles. Long run of at least a half marathon. Run a race.