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Power of 3: March checkup

With one day left in the month, I'm ready to call March a success with running. My goals, in no particular order of preference were: 

1. Run half the days of the month.
Today's run put me at 17 runs for the month. These were are LOW MILEAGE runs at an EASY PACE. I can't stress enough how much this goal was all about consistency only.

Most of the runs were 2-3 miles; a couple of the runs were 4 miles, but that was it. It was a far cry from what I started in January, but so much better than February after I got sick. 

2. Post a daily running-related pic to Instagram.
Done, once tomorrow gets here. I'm really thinking about continuing this into April whether it becomes an official goal or not.

On my running days, this goal force me to be a bit more observant to find different things to photograph. On non-running days, I spent time looking through old photos, which brought back a lot of memories to remind me of why I run and what keeps me going every day. 

3. Blog at least 6 times. 
Done. This is post No. 9, and I feel like I have so much more to say. I won't set a specific blogging goal again for a while (although I haven't forgotten about my goal within the 26 goals before a marathon), but I'm confident that I can carve out time to do this much more consistently this spring and summer.