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Wednesday weigh-ins

I'm not here to rehash my original weight loss story, or how I've struggled always losing the final few pounds that I want to. And I'm not here to hear people say "it's just a number" or other cliche things. 

I am here to say that I weigh too much right now. It's at a point where I'm not happy about a lot of things -- how I look in certain clothes, how my pants are just a little too tight and how I can't get to the same hole in a buckle that I could a year ago. 

I'm also not happy that I'm not drinking enough water and not eating better when it's so easy to eat healthier. 

And I'm not happy about how I feel when I run because of some extra weight. 

The good news: I still weigh 20+ pounds less than I did in the early 2000s. The bad news: I'm too close to that overall weight loss being only 20 pounds. 

I have a number in mind and I have to FOCUS on getting there. I also just want to be happy about how I look and feel. When that happens, the right numbers happen. 

So that's why today is the first of an "official" weekly weigh-in on Wednesdays. I've got 18.6 pounds to go ...