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Remembering the small things

One thing I have tried to do in the past couple of months is acknowledge my progress.

I was well on my way "back" at the beginning of the year and was failing to write down some really great things that were happening. When it all fell apart in early February when I got sick, I realized what a disservice it was to myself to not mark minor milestones. 

Well, this is my attempt to make sure I write these things down. 

Today marked the first time since late January that I ran at least 4 miles on back-to-back days. It's one of those things I didn't really think about until I finished my run -- it was just like any other week where I run a few times during the week, but not really paying attention to distance. 

I've had so many runs between 3-4 miles that I'm almost tired of it, but hitting 4 yesterday and 4.1 today just felt different. And when I looked backed on my runs in the past few months, I was surprised it had been so long since I hit that mark on consecutive days. 

Now it's on to even bigger and better things ...