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No. 1,219

For anyone still reading after so many years, you know that I like to occasionally number my posts based on what numbered blog entry it is. Funny thing though ... "occasionally" hasn't happened in nearly 4 years. 

If I've done my counting right -- and it's very possible that I screwed up by a few posts -- this is my 1,219th blog post. These are reserved for random bulleted posts when I don't have one topic. So here goes my first attempt at this in a LONG time: 

  • I really should've set a blogging goal for this month. After setting one in March and April, I didn't realize how much that goal kept me focus on writing at least a little bit. And writing leads to much better things overall with running. 
  • I had an article pop up in my Facebook memories that I NEEDED to read again this week about why exercise is so much more important than any career path. Don't read into this being a bad or good thing ... just know that I needed it. Check it out
  • I really want to run the High Bridge Half Marathon in September, and I really think I should set a goal that's close to a PR. But man oh man ... I am slow right now. 
  • I'm moving again in June due to some complications with our current lease. I really don't want to do this again -- it always messes up my running, so I need some serious goals in June related to weight and higher quality runs as I officially start Richmond Marathon training. 
  • Did I mention how slow I am? I'd say I'm at my lowest point in years ... probably not my very lowest point, so that gives me hope. 

On to post 1,220 ...