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Power of 3 is back for the final 1/3 of 2017

Focusing on 3 goals at a time per month was a perfect way to start the year, but for the past couple of months I decided NOT to set any goals as I had yet another comeback from injury.

I just wanted to be in the moment and not worry about crossing things off a list.  

About a week ago, I decided to bring back "power of 3" to get myself refocused on the final 1/3 of the year. I was pretty sure the fall races I signed up for would be out, but I was ready to be serious about running goals again.  

My goals were going to be simple -- getting my long run back to 8-10 miles (I was already back to 6), some kind of cross training goal (probably trying out new machines at the gym), and something about doing some kind of race (until last week, I still was confident I could do the Virginia 10 Miler). 

But then ... my foot hurt after I wore new shoes on Saturday for an easy hike. This time it was the right side of my body -- the opposite side of my problems from the past year. 

So ... I don't know what's going on, but I'm tired of running, getting injured, getting better, then repeating. I'm not sad about it -- I'm just flat out exhausted from the process.

The good thing? I've done a lot of cross training since my last injury in June. Lifting weights, riding my bike and a little bit on an elliptical have worked well -- they've helped my running more than I ever thought possible. And those are the things I'm ready to focus completely on for September.

I almost decided to not have any goals for this month as I deal with another injury, but that would get me nowhere. It's time for my "Power of 3" mindset to return in September and for the final 1/3 of 2017.

So with all this said, here are my 3 goals for this month...

  1. DON'T run more than a mile at a time. The only running I plan to do is a tenth of a mile or two with my dog once the pain fully goes away.
  2. Increase max weight lifting by 10%. I'll be testing myself today on a few machines to figure out what my true max is and then try to increase that this month. 
  3. Ride my bike and stationary bike at least 60 miles. With no running, this is my next best thing to have for a distance goal. It seems low, but I'm also planning to do aerobic workouts on the elliptical.