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2018: It's about a state of mind

2017 saw some moderate success as I brought back the return of the "Power of 3" - setting 3 goals every month - but by mid-year that mostly fell off. 

Before my running fell completely apart later in the year, I was setting and reaching several goals. It also helped me get rid of a lot of unnecessary clothes in the first half of the year and become a little better organized. 

I realized that I'm not as big of a fan of 3 goals each month as I thought I wanted to be. It sounds good initially, but it's not something I'll be doing again any time soon. I'd rather spontaneously set goals in a certain time frame rather than something new every single month. 

As I look ahead to the next few months, I want to continue doing some things that I started in late 2017 and keep moving forward. I have a lot of other changes happening in my life and now is not the time to add anything new. 

So as 2018 starts, it's all about a state of mind that I already have to get things done.

I want to: 

  • Continue focusing on the positive. Whether it's with running or with everyday life, if something works, keep doing it. If it doesn't, I need to stop wasting my time. This really has been working for me as I slowly return to running, get better organized and move forward with things at work. 
  • Finish what I start. I had several things that I didn't quite finish last year for a variety of reasons. That means getting back to basics of writing down lists and goals as things come up -- and then finishing them. It'll help things at home and with running ... and who knows, I may finally come up with big running goals once again. 

And that's really it. I would say I'll blog more in 2018 ... but that's just a silly thought, for now.