Getting rid of a distractions

After hitting rock bottom in the fall, I started realizing a lot of things that were going wrong with my running that were impacting the mental side of things. 

One of those things was ambassadorships. Let me first state that I have nothing against the companies that I have been associated with during an ambassadorship. 

But after a few years of promoting products, I realized I was feeling a bit boxed in. If I wanted to post a pic of me wearing something different or just test something out, I didn't want to get into "trouble." 

There were also times that I didn't take part in a #RunChat - or promote that week's chat that much - because of a possible conflict of interest. 

That's just a horrible state of mind to be in, so I stated yesterday, 2018 is all about a state of mind rather than focusing on goals. 

Not having an ambassadorships tied to my name allows me to focus on ME again. Being an ambassador was a distraction that was impacting me much more than I realized, and now that they're all gone I feel liberated. 

I can post what I want when I want, however many times I want. (Which may help me actually blog more ... but yeah, I'm not promising that, yet.) 

And for those that do know me for #RunChat, please know that #RunChat is still #RunChat and nothing changes with that. 

I'll promote the chats themselves and perhaps the companies associated with it, but any thoughts from my social media accounts are now truly mine.