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Finding the love, again

Three years ago this week, I fell back in love with running as I had one of the greatest experiences ever at the Runner's World Festival.

It was my third time at the event, but really the first time where race day really felt like an after thought. It was all about connecting with other bloggers who truly love running and spreading the word about all things running. 

Look, we even were on the "cover" of Runner's World magazine ...

runners world cover.jpg

... Well, not really, but it was FUN. I was ready to get back to regular blogging and refocus on doing great things. 

But the truth is, I was running through an injury at the time. Or at least trying to. I did that for another several months before FINALLY going to a doctor and treating my already-known-self-diagnosis of plantar fasciitis. 

I won't rehash what happened after that race - I've documented it well enough that I've dealt with injury after injury after injury (I think three is right ... could be four)

I've almost quit on running several times, even when the moments haven't been so low. I've gained some weight here and there, my running has been so slow, I often have felt like I've had no signs of progress, I'm tired ... all those thoughts and more have crossed my mind since that awesome weekend. 

But in the past month (and since my last post almost two months ago) though, I've stop caring about being fast or slow or tired, and don't care that I really should lose some weight. 

I just want running to be fun again, and eventually, great ... again. Maybe the greatest is in a couple of months at my next race, or maybe it’ll be in 2019 … I just know it’ll happen.

I really don't have a point for this post other than a bit of reflection and even a little bit of sadness that the Runner's World Festival is here again this weekend and I'm so far away from it. Far away physically; far away emotionally. 

But it's those pictures and those memories that keep my drive going to find the love for running again that I had then ...