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My first race in my 40s ...

Way back in August, I wrote a post about training for Christmas and signing up for the Surf-n- Santa 5 miler in Virginia Beach … and never said a thing about it again.

Just like so many other things that have happened with my running in the past few years, I kind of felt like it would be a race that would be somewhat satisfying after so many issues and be something that springboards me to 2019.

Yes, my goal was to go “all out” and see what happens, but what did that mean? I haven’t ran “all out” since March 2016 at Shamrock. I had a few good track workouts in spring 2017 before getting hurt again. And in April I ran a couple of fast downhill miles at the Star 10K in Roanoke, but even that didn’t feel “all out.”

It was also the first time racing this distance in 4 years when I was much faster.

But after quietly running more consistently this fall (aside from an injury scare), I pulled together what still feels like an amazing experience on Saturday at the Surf-n-Santa 5 miler, which was my first race in my 40s and only my second race this year (and second race since March 2016).

I had my first consecutive sub 9-minute miles since that 2016 Shamrock and it was my first progressive run of more than a few miles since sometime in spring 2017.

My final time was 43:03. I was hoping to finish somewhere around 45 minutes, but as I ran and kept feeling good, I was thinking 44 minutes … about halfway through I realized I could get really close to 43.

There’s so much more I feel like I could say about this race and what it means to me, but two days later I’m still at a little bit of a loss of words. Maybe it’ll spark some more blogging soon.

It was just an incredible all around day, and I also got to share in the celebrations with my wife who finished this race just 6 months and 6 days after having baby No. 3!