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'Starting over' really meant starting over, part 2

A couple of weeks ago I wrote how well January was after declaring that I was "starting over" with running back in December. So far in February, I've continued to see small successes. 

I realize though, I haven't detailed much of this journey and the literal small steps I've taken. 

After not much running at all in October, and then nothing in November, my first run on Dec. 1 was about a quarter mile, in a slow gradual build up to a mile. 

Here how that looked:

  • Dec. 1 - 0.24
  • Dec. 2 - 0.3
  • Dec. 4 - 0.5
  • Dec. 7 - 0.7
  • Dec. 10 - 1.0

Keep in mind that during this time I started lifting weights with my lower body for the first time since mid-October, and included a few short bike rides at the gym, along with the elliptical. 

After getting to 1 mile, my plan stayed the same -- small increases until I got to 2 miles. My runs looked like this: 

  • Dec. 12 - 1.14
  • Dec. 15 - 1.31
  • Dec. 17 - 1.5
  • Dec. 19 - 1.85
  • Dec. 22 - 2

After I got to 2 miles, I decided to stop my trend of making every run a little longer than the previous, and ran distances of 2.1, 2, 2.3, 2 and 1.1. 

On Jan. 8, I hit 3 miles, probably about a week or so ahead of when I thought I would. 

Over January and in my first couple of February runs, I ran a wide variety of distances between a mile and 3.5 miles. 

On Feb. 8, I took the leap to 4 miles, and have now hit that distance for two straight weeks. 

Now that I've hit that distance, my goals for the rest of the month is to not increase distance, but instead make sure I run hills a few times and do a little bit of speedwork. 

Just like I "started over" with running, hills and speedwork will be extremely basic. In one run last week, I ran one big hill once; I also did a half mile of speedwork of increasing my speed every tenth of a mile. 

I'm now three months removed from the walking boot I was forced into, and I'm just now at the point when I don't have a fear of getting injured. However, I can't get too excited and overly confident.

These seemingly small steps to get to this point is just the very beginning of what's ahead, and I can't forget that.