living in the now

Still rambling about running. Sometimes other things.

No. 1,243

It's been more than a year since I had a numbered post - for a refresher for anyone who's coming across this blog, it's simply the number of posts I've written since I started blogging April 2017, and is what I use for a title when I have a bulleted list of random thoughts. 

  • And that reminds me... yup, I missed my "blogiversary." There was a time - when I wrote about 10 times a month (sometimes more) - that celebrating my blog was HUGE. Right now, I'm lucky to blog once or twice a month. But keeping this going under a variety of names and domains for 11 years is still special enough to mention.
  • A little more than a month after my first race in 2 years, I really don't have a desire to race again for a little while. I certainly won't go two years again, but my running just isn't where it needs to be to even enjoy a race. 
  • I ran at the track a couple of weeks ago so I can at least get this idea of racing and speed back into my mind. It was ... interesting. I was consistent, a little faster than I thought I'd be, but I didn't like it. 
  • I fell on a very flat trail after a root jumped up and hit my foot. That was nearly 2 weeks ago and I still have scabs. It really threw off my running for this month and set me back much more than I expected. But I march forward anyway. 
  • My biggest problem right now is eating and some weight gain, pretty much negating anything that I started the year with ... I just don't even know why I continue to have this issue. I know what to do, but when running isn't a high priority for me, I slip up. Often. 
  • In the next few weeks, I'll have baby no. 3 here and I'll then be 40. Life's on fast-forward and running isn't all that important. It will be again, but for now I'm going to be in maintenance mode.