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Training for Christmas

I'm not really sure how a quarter of a year has passed without blogging ... oh wait ...

Yes, I do. 

Since my last post in May, my wife and I had baby No. 3, my schedule has changed a bit at work, I've gotten very little sleep, it's summer and the other kids don't want to go to bed ... so yeah, I've had no time to blog.

Through it all, though, I have continued to run. In fact, my mileage increased oh-so slightly for three straight months in May, June and July. 

August, however, will see that streak end as I have grown weary of the heat and humidity. 

I've continued to lift weights about twice a week. I wish I was lifting a little heavier and a little bit more often, but it's not horrible. 

So, to sum up things since my last post when it comes to why I blog ... things are decent. Not great, not horrible. Better than a year ago, for sure, and better than the first couple of months of the year. 

As things shift around in my life, my wife and I signed up to return to the Surf 'n' Santa 5-Miler in December in Virginia Beach. That'll be my first race at the beach in nearly three years; it'll be the first race my wife has done in four years. 

While I'm not giving up on August just yet, I'm really looking at Sept. 1 as a day to kick off some more focused running again, especially to close off the final 1/3 of what's been a really strange year with running. 

It's also a good time to help my wife start doing some walk/runs and build up to 5 miles. 

My goal would be to focus on really racing this event. I'm tired of running a one-pace, slow-slugfest every time I'm out there. I need a few months to improve on shorter distances and remember that feeling of going fast.

Plus I just want to race and give it 100% again ... that just hasn't happened in seemingly forever. 

And, in addition to training for this race, I'll be training at a time of the year that's usually been a downfall for me.

Getting through Halloween and Thanksgiving are a big-time struggle with eating and being lazy, so I'm really looking at this as training for being in better overall shape by Christmas and in a good place heading into 2019.

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 10.00.38 PM.png

If I happen to go 3 months without blogging again, don't worry -- I'm still around. And if that happens, I'll be just a few weeks away from racing again ...