living in the now

Still rambling about running. Sometimes other things.

The struggle(s).

I really don’t like going more than a couple of weeks without blogging, especially after posts that laid out goals and had such high hopes for a new year.

But that’s the way life is.

So let’s be real:

  • Running really isn’t a struggle right now, but getting up to run is. It’s winter. I want to hibernate. But if I sleep in, I miss amazing sunrises.

  • My 7-month-old baby still doesn’t sleep through the night, so I can’t even tell you the last time I (and my wife) got a solid chunk of sleep in. Even on night’s she does well, I wake up for some reason.

  • My dog frustrates me on my runs, but if she doesn’t run a few miles a few times a week, she’s nuts. Seriously, how many times does a dog have to pee on a run?

  • I haven’t had a run of 10 miles or more in almost two years. That’s a pretty scary thought for me right now, and I’m creeping closer and closer to that milestone. Right now it’s a major mental milestone to cross, just as much as a physical one.

  • Food. Not only do I want to hibernate, I want to eat everything, all the time. I think that’s just part of winter. Eat and hibernate. Why can’t I do that?

  • Work. I love what I do every day, but the cold and chances of snow are about to break me. It’s no secret that I’m fed up with the ability of some of Virginia not being able to handle snow anymore.

  • Speaking of weather, it’s about to get COLD along much of the eastern U.S. When people start talking about flash freezes and the polar vortex fracturing, it can’t mean anything good with the running weather.

So if you’re wondering why I haven’t blogged in two weeks, it’s because it would come out exactly like this post just did - ramblings about things that really aren’t even problems.

The only problem is me, and I don’t want to be my biggest obstacle anymore …