October things

Sure it’s already November, so the title of this post, which is now a “thing” I’m doing I guess, means that October was probably terrible.

Well … it wasn’t great, but it was MUCH BETTER than September, which ended with a somewhat recurrence of an injury that never seems to go away.

But October was mostly painless, I …

  • switched over to the 8K in a couple of weeks instead of the Richmond Marathon

  • realized I’ve already more than 250 miles year-to-date than I did a race ago

  • complained about the heat

  • thought a lot about the 2020 Blue Ridge Marathon and what I need to do to get ready

  • ate a lot of candy. Too much candy.

So now it’s on to November, which is already more than two days old.

It’s time to …

  • run 100 miles again (Join the challenge from my friend Angie!)

  • enjoy the 8K with an all-out effort to see how terrible I am trying to run fast

  • enjoy cooler weather

  • not eat so much candy.