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It's on to March

February was, quite simply, a WEIRD month. It started well, but ended with me feeling somewhat sick the second half.

It rained. It snowed. Temps went from the 20s to almost the 80s to everything in between. I found a $1. I grew my hair out.

I didn’t hit my goal of getting to 14 miles for my long run, but I did have two runs longer than anything else in the past few years. And I ran a little bit more than I did in January.

I’m probably not running the mileage I need to for the Blue Ridge Marathon, but I am running the miles I want to right now. Come hell or high water, I will be in that marathon in April.

(Disclaimer: I’m an ambassador of the 2019 Foot Levelers Blue Ride Marathon, but all thoughts are my own. Grab yourself a nice discount - my code AMBASSADORDAVID20 gets you 20% off the marathon, half or 10k.)

So there’s no reason to linger on a few missed runs because I wasn’t feeling great. It’s time for me to move on to March with one goal as I do my own thing: 100 miles for the month.

That would be the first time since fall 2012.

On. To. March.

As for my personal goal for February, that attic cleanup continued with several more boxes coming down and also making use of toys for my daughter that needed to be cleaned up.

That project will continue in March. No need for anything new or to dwell on this decluttering process much.