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Today's run was ...

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I started a Facebook post this weekend with the words “Today’s run was,” which makes me realize how much I miss blogging about my individual runs, especially the long ones.

But life’s too busy to do that. Fortunately I make just enough social media posts so I can look back at my training to remember the highs and lows of this come back. (Including this post below with the phrase “Today’s run was” in it twice…)

So about some of my recent runs that I haven’t been all that public about …

  • I’m hitting mini-walls in my runs. As I run distances I haven’t hit in 6+ years, I find it hard to get to the next level. Hitting those distances are a huge accomplishment, but getting to 10 miles was rough. Then so was 12. Then repeat that feeling of a mini-wall at 14 miles.

  • I’ve forgotten how to fuel myself during a run. It’s not that I don’t know what to do … I just forgot that I can’t just keep going without eating something on a long run.

  • It’s lonely out there. I’m good by myself for 10 miles. After that, I’m not all that happy trying to finish. This isn’t a failure with my current training … it’s a discovery of who I am as a runner and why previous marathon trainings may have failed and what I may do differently in the future.

All those things sound bad … but my current state of running is in the best place it’s been several years. I’m well on pace to 100+ miles this month, which will be the first triple digit month since fall 2012. That’s nuts.

The only thing that hasn’t really gone right was getting sick for a few days in February and missing one of my long runs.

The Blue Ridge Marathon is less than a month away. Who knows what it will bring for me physically or mentally, but I’m eager for that day to get here despite not feeling fully prepared. I’m looking forward to that post of “Today’s run was …”