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Marching on to April

No matter what happens with running in the future, March 2019 will be an incredible month to remember.

It was full of "most since..." moments. Longest runs since fall 2012. Most miles in month and first 100+ mile month since December 2014. Most miles in a quarter of a year since January-March 2015.

I've thought many times since early 2015 whether or not I'd want to run this type of mileage again. During the lowest of lows in late 2017, all I wanted to do was be able to run a mile again. And through the course of starting over last year there were many times that getting a few miles was a major struggle.

As I turn the calendar to April and am now less than two weeks away from the Blue Ridge Marathon, I try not to question whether or not I've done enough or can even do this ridiculously tough race. There's self doubt, but it's a strangely good feeling.

The ups and downs of the past 16 months of "starting over" will come to an end in the ups and downs of running/walking/power walking/whatever you want to call it in the toughest 26.2 miles you can find.

Disclaimer: I’m an ambassador of the 2019 Foot Levelers Blue Ride Marathon, but all thoughts are my own. Grab yourself a nice discount - my code AMBASSADORDAVID20 gets you 20% off the marathon, half or 10k