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Still rambling about running. Sometimes other things.

No. 1266

As April comes to a close, I have a wide variety of things on my mind with running …

  • April had surprisingly low mileage - almost half came during the Blue Ridge Marathon! But I’m perfectly OK with that. The first quarter of the year was much more intense that any other 3-month stretch in the past few years so I needed a BREAK.

  • Would I benefit from a running coach? I’ve been there, done that with a couple of different people that have become my friends over the years. The last time I tried to do things with a coach, though, I wasn’t ready.

  • My main goal for May: run on a track at least a couple of times during the month

  • My secondary goal for May: get back to the gym and lift weights a couple of times a week

  • And one more goal for May: run at least 80 miles before ramping up this summer for the Richmond Marathon.

  • And … yeah. I’ve got other things in mind too, but I won’t make everything public.

  • I promised a “life” goal every month too, but I didn’t really do that for April as I was focused on the marathon. My overarching goal has been organizing and decluttering, so I’m keeping that broad theme going in May with nothing specific in mind.

  • Some real talk in a tweet during #RunChat has reinforced my unintentional “doing my own thing” theme that I started this year with. Somewhere along the way I stopped trying to give advice and have avoided when people ask for it, and I’ll probably continue that. We’re all different. What works for me doesn’t work for you, and vice versa.

I think I could ramble on and on about that last bullet point, but I walk a fine line of people totally understanding what I’m saying and others reading into it way too much.

And on that note… it’s on to May.