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248 push-ups

Unless you check my "31 in 31" page, you probably don't know that I'm trying the 100 push-ups program again. I had a solid start to this back in October and November only to have various things get in the way. I have re-started a couple of times, but made the mistake of not starting from scratch. So with starting everything fresh in 2010, I wanted a fresh start to this program. The advantage of doing it this way is I actually start on a tougher level than I did originally. So on Jan. 1 I did 30 push-ups to get things started and I've quietly worked my way through the first couple of weeks of the program. The results so far have been very pleasing. This week alone I did 248 push-ups, with each and every one of them feeling great. A few months ago I was caught up in my arms feeling bigger after two weeks. This time around it just feels like a natural part of my workout program. This time around I feel like there's more purpose to the program.

Tomorrow I will perform an exhaustion test to determine which level to do for weeks 3 and 4. I'm fully confident I'll remain in column 3, but historically these next two weeks seems to be the toughest. Many people I have communicated with seems to struggle in these two weeks and can't get over the week 4 slump. There's nothing wrong with repeating a week, but that seems to be the downfall for many people. I don't want that to happen to me this time around.