25 days

If this was a countdown for Christmas, it would seem so short, but the countdown to a marathon is one of the toughest things to wait for. All this talk and preparation for 26.2 miles seems to last forever. In what has seemed like a perfect running year, I've had a couple of rough days with my left knee following Saturday's 20-miler. At the end of the run it felt a bit stiff, but then again I had just run 20 miles. The rest of the day and the morning after weren't perfect, but not completely bad either. Then today I didn't have any issues ... until a couple of miles into my run.

It's nothing I haven't felt before. I need some rest and some ice and I should be OK. It's too close to the marathon to play around with something hurting, so I'm glad it's happening now and not way earlier in the training or a few weeks from now. In the big picture, there's not too much else I can do to get ready for the marathon except get in a couple more longish runs. If necessary I'll dust off the bike to get in some workouts.

To sum it all up, I'm just frustrated with having any kind of pain after such a great year. I haven't had to force rest on myself in a long time, but I know it's what I need to do. I'll try running again in a couple of days to see how it feels, but I'm certainly not going to run through any pain.