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26.2 ... in a week that is

While I still don't quite yet have the desire to run another marathon, I actually ran 26.2 miles this week ... that's 26.2 miles over a seven-day period. It wasn't intentional to hit that mark -- in fact, had everything gone as planned, I would've only been around 23 miles for the week.

Yesterday I had every intention of getting in my long run for the week - 10 miles. But a couple of miles into it, I was hot, I felt worn out and I think if I kept going I would've gotten sick. So I stopped and ventured back home with a jog/walk routine. All told I got in 3 miles. The rest of the day was spent preparing to do 10 miles today. I drank a lot of water and I ate a lot of watermelon -- my secret weapon this summer.

So this morning I got up, turned on my Garmin and it was dead, despite thinking that I charged it yesterday. Well, I put it on the charger, went out for a walk with my dog and then hoped for the best on my run. I ventured over to a nearby park for the first half of the run and right at 5 miles my watch gave me the low battery warning. I was in a position that if my battery went dead I could easily get in a few more miles and then map it out on the computer. Surprisingly, my watch stuck with me and held up for the last half of the run. It was a bit frustrating though because I kept looking down at my watch to make sure it wasn't dead. Generally I don't look at it too much on my long runs, so it made it seem much longer than usual.

As for the run itself, it went pretty well. This morning's weather was considerably cooler than yesterday and much less humid. The last mile or so I could tell I was on empty -- that's totally my fault for not eating a little more before heading out. All in all, though, I can't really complain about getting 10 miles in.

It's worth noting that this is only my third run this year in double digits -- I had one 10-plus mile run when training for the Shamrock Half. It's also worth noting that this is my highest mileage so far this year -- my previous high was 25.5, which was the same week as the 10.1 training run back in February.

Workouts since last post
Aug. 1: Walk - 1.3; Run - 0.3; Weights
Aug. 2: Walk - 1.9; Run - 3
Aug. 3: Walk - 1; Run - 10
Week total: Walk - 8.8; Run - 26.2
Coming this week: The mile test