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3.01450980392 ...

An interesting thing happened this week on this great journey I'm having in 2010: my daily average hit 3 miles a day. On Thursday, the 251st day of the year, I ran 8 miles to get my yearly total to 753 miles, or averaging exactly 3 miles a day. Then I took Thursday and Friday off and completely messed up those perfect numbers, but after nearly 16 miles of running this weekend, my daily average is once again past 3 miles, at the very long-winded number I used for this blog post headline. With this current pace, I am now on target for 1,100 miles for the year, well above my 1,000-mile goal. With just less than 9 weeks to go until the Richmond Marathon, and many more miles planned, the projected finish for the year will keep going up. I have no idea what will happen after the marathon, so it's important that I just keep going and hit 1,000 miles whenever it happens.