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3 things: Lessons learned

2012 Richmond Marathon training logoThis is not a dwelling-on-Richmond post. In fact, I feel like it's the opposite. In my lack of really doing a race report (not sure what else I'd really say) and following it up with a list of random things), this is my first serious post about what I've realized this week and why I may actually will run another marathon sooner rather than a few years from now. Much more on that later.

1. What are you doing after the marathon? Such a common question others would ask me. My answer was taking a break. I don't want to run for a while. I think I said that so much that I started shutting things down way too early.

It's not that I had too many bad training runs at the end, but I got too complacent. I was too comfortable with my training, thinking that they hay was in the barn and all that was left was 26.2 miles. I really screwed that up, more mentally than anything else.

2. Go to bed, go to bed, go to bed. Olympics. Debates. Election night. I'm a sports junkie and a news junkie. These events are why I loved working in a newsroom for 7 years. And this year on too many occasions I stayed up until 11 or later, getting just 6-7 hours of sleep. Some people can do that. I really can't.

At the end of all this, I ran too many miles tired; I didn't sleep well the week of the marathon; I'm pretty sure I only had about a half tank of gas in my system, thus the falling apart in the second half of this race.

3. Have fun. It's the ultimate end goal for me. Most of those 4+ hours were not fun Saturday. Neither was much of my experience in the Cleveland Half earlier this year.

I know how to have fun in a race whether I'm on pace to hit my goal or not. Of anything that went wrong, I'm more mad at myself for that and more determined to not let that mind frame slip back again.

Now, about this other marathon ...