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3 things: Signing up for ...

I enjoyed last week's Three Things Thursday post so much that I'm doing another one. I'm kind of dropping that long title though until I do some font work on my blog and simply doing what I have above. Instead of some randomness this week, I actually have a few races that I've signed up for that I haven't had a chance to talk about. So, here goes.

1. Blossom to Bottle 5k After Shamrock I talked about taking the pressure off doing a race where a PR is involved. This is the absolute perfect race to have no pressure.

It's a new race at Johnson's Orchard in Bedford County. With apple trees blooming, and probably already full of leaves, and an awesome view of the mountains, I'm doing this race purely for the fun of it. Knowing that it's a cross-country style race through grass and gravel, and a ton of hills, I'm not even setting a goal for this.

Also, you  have to watch the video below -- the orchard's owner vowed to kiss a big if he got a T-shirt sponsor. Well ... just watch the video.

2. Blue Ridge Half Marathon After last week's knee issues, I wondered if this race would not happen again. Fortunately everything seems fine; assuming my next few runs go well, I will be doing this race on April 21.

I'm not worried about time -- with more than 2,500 feet of elevation gain, this one is all about the challenge of mountain running. It's all about the experience, and having a tough, challenging good time.

3. Shamrock Half Marathon Was there any question I would go back to Virginia Beach next March? With the deadline for the only discount this race offers quickly approaching, I've signed up for next year's race.  This will be the first time I've ever run Shamrock on St. Patrick's Day.