living in the now

Still rambling about running. Sometimes other things.

3 things: Still here

Similar to about 6 weeks ago, I've gone quiet on the Internet. I haven't tweeted much lately, I haven't been leaving comments on very many blogs, and I haven't been a motivator on dailymile. It's kind of my way of focusing on myself and making sure I'm taking care of the things important to me. Nothing wrong with being a little selfish from time to time.

Anyway, here are 3 things on my mind right now:

1. What will the weather do ... The forecast for this weekend's Blue Ridge Half Marathon has been interesting. Heavy rain ... 80% chances ... mostly cloudy ... warm ... cool.

Right now, it's looking like the morning will be fine, but I'll be ready for anything. The forecast is similar to a year ago when the race had to be shut down due to huge thunderstorms.

Carytown 10k, Richmond2.  Aiming for a 10k PR After I get through this week's non-race race, my attention will be heavily on the Cleveland Half for a month. As a way to prepare for that, I'm doing a race that will have every intention of setting a new PR -- the Carytown 10k in Richmond.

It's relatively flat and I'm in the shape I need to be in right now to set a new bar for this distance. The timing of two weeks before Cleveland also works out perfectly.

3. Coaching The first week and a half of having a planned laid out for me has gone well. I know that it will take a few weeks to be totally comfortable having a training schedule, but I can already tell that I'm going to like it.

I'm really looking forward to getting to the summer and approaching marathon training with a different mind set.