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3 things Thursday

2012 Lynchburg Half Finisher Medal1. The other day I wrote about "going with the flow" in Saturday's Lynchburg Half Marathon. I should know better than that. That's usually when I have a miserable experience. I've rethought that process and will now have two goals. My "A" goal is a sub-1:50. It's an aggressive, but attainable goal on this course, and a goal that will keep me from getting into an all-out race pace effort.

Goal "B" will be to just go with the flow if I'm not feeling it. The weather is supposed to be tremendously nicer Saturday morning, so we'll see.

2. For anyone who doesn't follow #RunChat, we have a great opportunity for you to win an entry to the 2013 Blue Ridge Marathon. Check it out.

3. Despite falling and not being able to do planks effectively, and having to take a small break from push-ups, my core streak is still in tact. It's just kind not much to talk about right now, but it's a start.