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3 things Thursday: Disney edition

Disney Marathon medal1. Even though the Disney Marathon is purely for fun, my wife and I have tentatively plotted out the weekend to avoid being on my feet all day Saturday and instead make Sunday the longest day of my life. It's a battle of stay on my feet and walk around all day Saturday vs. running then going to a park Sunday. It'll be an interesting weekend for sure.

2. I'd be so mad if I had trained in cooler weather only to have spring-like, almost summer-like, conditions for this race. Instead I'm kind of looking forward to race temps in the 60s at the start.

Sure it'll be hot a few hours later, but with my approach this weekend I'd rather be hot than cold or something in between.

3. One of the biggest questions headed into the weekend is not about my running, but whether or not my son will hop on the rides or get close enough to any of the characters to take a picture.

I'm running the Disney Marathon with Comfort Zone Camp's Grief Relief Team. Find out how you can help make a difference in the life of a child.