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3 things Thursday: Final NYCM thoughts & Richmond

1. In looking at what's developed in the past 24 hours concerning the New York Marathon, the debate of whether to run it or not following Hurricane Sandy seems more hotly contested than the presidential race. I'm not backing off my post from yesterday on the communication issues, but I'm no longer discussing this anywhere else unless I respond to a previous comment on that post.

Richmond Marathon logo, #rva, #runrichmond2. If anyone out there who was planning to run NYCM decided to defer or couldn't make it, don't give up on running a marathon this fall. Richmond is next week. We’re America's Friendliest Marathon.

3. In my lack of not paying attention to mileage this year, I've cross some big milestone lately. At the Runner's World Half I hit 1,000 running miles since Jan. 1; this week I passed the most miles ever in a calendar year.

It's worth a big celebration, and I'll do exactly that on Nov. 10.