3 things Thursday: Quality miles

Virginia 10 Miler, Lynchburg1. I subtly mentioned in my last post that I'm running the Virginia 10 Miler at the end of the month. I debated for a few weeks with myself if I wanted to do this and all I kept coming back to what feeling that need for quality, longer miles with my training. Couple that with the Runner's World Half in October and I think I'll be fully prepared for the Richmond Marathon.

2. I very quietly passed 800 running miles for the year this week and barring any setback, I'll pass 900 later this month. That means I'll pass 1,000 in October.

Not having a mileage goal in the past two years has translated into more miles with more quality. It kind of makes hitting quadruple digits even more special.

3. Since I've picked a "quality" theme for this post, it's important that I point out two very good runs that I've had this week on the heels of Saturday's craptastic run. On Monday I had some quality family time while running with my wife and son – nearly three-quarters of mile with them.

I kept running and did 7 quarter-mile intervals with all but 1 coming under 2 minutes. On Wednesday I focused on a moderate negative split run – 3 easy miles in an easy 9:20 pace, 3 harder miles in an 8:36 pace. I felt like I had a lot left to give on both the runs, which can only mean good things come November 10.