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3 things: Virginia 10 Miler reflection

Virginia 10 Miler, LynchburgThis has been an interesting week with my legs. While I ran the Virginia 10 Miler hard on Saturday, there’s no doubt that I left some things on the course. That’s the point of a training race though. I needed normal marathon training to resume this week. While my legs have had that "heavy" feeling this week, I feel pretty good with the weekend nearing.

I want to take one more look at what transpired that day and where I placed. With a few days of hindsight, I’m pretty pleased with how the race went and what the numbers show. In parenthesis are my stats from my previous PR, 6 years ago.

1. 33rd out of 94 in my 30-34 age bracket (18th out of 32) 2. 228th out of 748 men (124 out of 355) 3. 276th overall out of 1,299 finishers (150th out of 526)