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300th mile of 2011

Today's long run was full of milestones and the great thing is I didn't realize some of this until it was over.


  • It was the first run of at least 7 miles, minus the Richmond Marathon, since I did 7.9 miles Oct. 23. Going more than a half year between 7-mile runs seems bizarre. It's going to feel even better hitting double digits in late June/early July.
  • This run was the second straight week, and three out of four weeks, getting to 20 miles for the week.
  • The biggest surprise came when I looked my Daily Mile profile and saw that I had logged more than 300 miles for the year. While I had logged a few walking miles, I didn't think I was at 300 running miles just yet. No way. But to my surprise I am -- 301.3 miles. As much as I like to take photos on long runs or Tweet on a run, I didn't do that today.┬áTo have started the year off at such low mileage and to gradually build my base up, I couldn't be happier to be at 300 miles at this point in the year.