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35 "streak" and a 13 goals check-up

35 mphI never make a big deal out of my birthday, but there's something about turning 35 in a few weeks that makes me want to do something different with working out. It's a gift to myself that's mostly free. Every day in June I want to do 35 of something everyday. Or 3.5 of something. Or 35 seconds of something. Or 3 minutes and 50 seconds of something.

You get the point.

Whether it's running 3.5 miles, doing 35 jumping jacks or doing 35 squats, I'm ready to celebrate my birthday doing 35 of something every day in June.

As I look ahead, it’s also time to look behind and do a check-up on my 13 goals for 2013:

1. 5k PR – official or unofficial It's possible that I got slower in May (as well as April). My once or twice a month approach to speedwork is not a good approach to hit this goal.

2. Run at least 2 races I've never done before Still halfway there.

3. Run a 5k – official or unofficial – with my friend Brandon Summer is coming. His excuses will run out soon.

4. 50 consecutive push-ups I have no doubt I will do this, but I didn't focus on maxing out again this month. Just consistency with weights.

5. Ride at least 200 miles I biked another 22 miles this month, probably less than I was hoping for, but still consistent. I'm at 58 for the year, so I definitely need to step it up. I'm moving to a more bike-friendly neighborhood in two weeks, so I'm ready.

6. Weigh in at less than 180 It's tough to call it progress, but I did lose 0.4 this month. Before I sabotaged myself for a few days, I had lost 3. It's an endless cycle and I think anyone who has lost weight knows what this is like. Maybe going for 3.5 pounds in June would be a good goal.

7. Do a plank at least once a week Right on target.

8. Run a race without a watch Kinda sorta done. No need to draw it out again

9. Run with my sister Heather Done!

10. Do an exercise at least once per month that I haven't done the rest of the year Chair dips. My arms loved them. Maybe.

11. Eat at least one salad per week So I didn’t exactly go out and triple my efforts like I said last month, but this is going well. In fact with my new job I’m ready to bring a salad nearly every day.

12. Limit myself to one soft drink a month If a caffeine and calorie free drink doesn't count, then I got myself back to even after slipping up for a day in April. My point with this goal was to eliminate empty calories, so I'll say I'm back on track.

13. Run ON the beach It's coming ...